“If I had to do it again, I would quit the job”: Muriel Robin draws up a bitter assessment of her career

The actress with corrosive humor, whose series My angel has just been rewarded by the festival of La Rochelle, confessed to the Evening that the directors no longer asked for it.

She made the whole of France laugh with her sketch The bill. She knows how to reveal an authentic tragedian in the role of the poisoner Marie Besnard. But today Muriel Robin seems to have been forgotten by film directors. In an interview with Evening Mag, the actress confessed her bitterness by declaring: “I don’t get anything anymore.

This statement could surprise his admirers because the TF1 series My angel, which she wears with the talent that we know, has just been rewarded by the Festival de la fiction de la Rochelle, which was held from September 14 to 19. This television success does not yet seem reassured Muriel Robin who apparently seems to have become the last wheel of the carriage of the seventh art as she confided to Evening Mag: “ As I speak to you, I have no plans. I do not refuse anything because I do not have enough offers to allow myself this luxury… To be clear, I do not refuse anything in the cinema… Because I do not receive anything.

After depression, optimism

Put in the dungeons of the cinema without her understanding the reasons for this ostracism, the actress made no secret of her existential doubts: “It killed me! I drank, I smoked, I had depression. If I had to do it again, I would quit the job long before. Why did I last so long? That’s how it is, good. But it destroyed me. This is the big file of my life.

Muriel Robin, and this is surely the only positive moment of this disturbing confession, still has faith in her future: «« I am 66 years old, there have been 30 years of comedies without a single one coming through my hands. But hey, maybe the next 30 years, we’ll only see me in the movies… Anything is possible.

The bill by Muriel Robin, a sketch as hilarious as it is corrosive


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