Idrissa Gueye, the case that embarrasses Paris-Saint-Germain

It is certainly the absence that has been most noticed. More than that of Neymar or Presnel Kimpembe, both suspended… During his last Ligue 1 outing, Saturday May 14, in Montpellier (4-0 victory), Paris-Saint-Germain was deprived of Idrissa Gueye. The Senegalese footballer, regularly used this season in midfield, was however neither injured nor dismissed from the workforce due to poor sportsmanship.

First registered on the list of 22 summoned for the meeting, the player is suspected of having refused to put on the jersey of the champions of France flocked, like that of all the other teams, in the rainbow colors of the LGBT cause, during this penultimate day of the championship dedicated to the fight against homophobia in football.

If Idrissa Gueye did not publicly specify the cause of his presence in the stands rather than on the lawn, it would be ” personal reasons “, according to his coach Mauricio Pochettino, at a press conference. A source close to the locker room, quoted by Agence France-Presse, explains it by “an individual choice of the player”, motivated, adds The Parisianby “religious beliefs”. The player had already withdrawn from the event last season, diminished, according to the club, by gastroenteritis.

Support from President Macky Sall

In Senegal, a country where a majority of the population claims to be Muslim, like Idrissa Gueye, homosexuality is still punishable by imprisonment for one to five years. In the name of respect for ” her values […]its principles […] who make senegality »support for the player has flourished there since the beginning of the week, from the Senegalese football federation to a message on Tuesday on Twitter from President Macky Sall.

However, among the nine other titled players with Senegal during the last African Nations Championship to evolve in Ligue 1 as in Ligue 2, associated with the event, eight were present on the French pitches, Saturday May 14, and the ninth, Abdou Diallo (PSG) returned from injury.

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In France, a letter from the National Ethics Council of the French Football Federation, revealed by the newspaper The Teamsummoning the player to clarify the reasons for his absence was added, on Wednesday, to repeated criticism by associations for the defense of LGBT rights. “By refusing to participate in this collective operation, you are in fact validating discriminatory behavior, the refusal of the other, and not only against the LGBTQI+ community”, indicated the letter of the board, which otherwise has no power of sanction.

“Duty to set an example”

Political figures took over the debate. Valérie Pécresse, the president of the Île-de-France region and ex-candidate in the presidential election, explains on Twitter that “The players of a football club, and those of PSG in particular, are figures of identification for our young people [et] have a duty to set an example”.

The Minister Delegate for Sports Roxana Maracineanu spoke ” personally “ to judge “regrettable” the absence of the player, in an interview granted to the Parisian, Monday. She preferred “focus on the positive side of the initiative” led by the Professional Football League, which for the past two seasons has been associated with World Day Against Homophobia.

For the time being, the PSG has not risked any statement on the case itself, reaffirming its commitment against homophobia. Sanctions, from a simple call to order to a warning, through the removal of the player’s ethics bonus, should not, however, lead to a breach of his contract.


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