Idris Elba completes the cast of Sonic’s next movie adventures

The British actor will lend his voice to the character of Knuckles, the best enemy of the supersonic hedgehog for the second installment of the saga.

He has long been tipped to play the next James Bond. British actor Idris Elba, currently starring in Suicide Squad, joins the poster of the next Sonic, film inspired by the series of video games from Sega. Facing the little blue hedgehog, he will play Knuckles, the red-robed echinid and sworn enemy of the supersonic hero. At the very least, he will lend him his voice in this next film which mixes real-life shooting and digital animations.

Knuckles first appeared as an antagonist in the 1994 edition of the video game. Under the influence of Doctor Robotnik, the great villain of the saga, he opposes Sonic, convinced that the latter wants to steal the emerald of which he is the guardian. That same year, Knuckles became a playable character in a new version of the game titled Sonic and Knuckles. In this story, Knuckles realizes that he has been manipulated and changes sides.

Idris Elba has already lent his voice to various animated films, notably for Dory’s World, where he played a sea lion, and for the remake of Jungle Book, both released in 2016.

The announcement of Idris Elba’s participation rekindles curiosity about the upcoming choice of actor to play Tails. Nothing has yet come to light on who will lend his voice to Sonic’s loyal friend.


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