Identifying commercial areas to raise the percentage of Emiratisation in the retail sector

The Ministry of Commerce has completed the study of defining commercial areas in cities and neighborhoods to build a healthy competitive environment in the retail sector, and localize jobs in it. to at least double, especially since many jobs in it do not require high qualifications.

An official report of the Ministry for the year 2020 pointed to the approval of the outputs of the study of zoning for the retail sector with the Town Planning Agency in the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing. It resulted in 13 initiatives, containing 52 projects in several tracks, including the legal track, the awareness and educational track, the control and operations track, the human capabilities track, and the control track. This comes within the framework of upgrading the retail sector and promoting sound business practices.

The report pointed out that the ministry, during the same year, issued and developed 15 systems and regulations, all of which aim to overcome difficulties, manage procedures and develop them in line with Vision 2030.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Commerce is making great efforts in order to overcome difficulties and develop technical services in order to provide an opportunity for establishments so that they can carry out their tasks with ease and ease.

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