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Support the Burmese people

The repression intensifies week by week in Burma. The UN has condemned the actions of the army, but the coup has compromised humanitarian aid for several weeks. NGOs have set up donation platforms and petitions to support the resistance.

– On the Zigway site, locals offer meals to the most vulnerable families. 1,300 people have benefited to date.

– The NGO Enfants du Mékong, with a network throughout the Burmese territory, helps maintain a link and a course on the educational level for hundreds of children caught in the turmoil of the junta.

– A petition, written and signed by 177 civil society organizations, seeks to ask the UN Security Council to intervene. The demands require, in particular, monitoring of humanitarian aid and Covid relief programs, as well as an urgent enhanced monitoring and intervention mission in Burma.

– Many initiatives are also on the site



Revisiting the school

School concerns everyone: students, parents, grandparents, teachers, elected officials, maintenance staff, neighbors, all citizens … And since the places in themselves provide a framework and atmosphere, the Ministry of National Education is launching a public consultation to collect opinions on school buildings: schools, colleges and high schools. To participate, simply register with an e-mail address. Then, you can answer a questionnaire (don’t forget to save it!), And / or register proposals and vote for those posted on the site. Should schools be open evenings and weekends? Pedestrianize their surroundings? Offer lessons outside? Improve privacy in the toilet? Create places dedicated to rest? You can, by your opinions, make your contribution to the edifice of the school of tomorrow. The platform is accessible until April 8.



Take an hour for the planet

Everyone at home, but all together. While we are still constrained by the pandemic, the WWF gives us an appointment on Saturday March 27 at 8:30 p.m. for the 15e edition of Earth Hour: for an hour, the lights are turned off, a symbolic gesture for the preservation of the planet. This year, the event is dedicated to the protection of forests, and will be followed in particular on social networks.



Vote for a committed adventure film

Until March 31, the 6e edition of the Rendez-vous de l’Aventure festival will be held 100% online but from the Jura. On the program, committed escape films: for the rights of women in Bolivia, the preservation of the Mediterranean, access to education in Iran, and so many other stories of men in their environment. And you will be the jury! Some bonuses this year: literary meetings with authors, broadcast by RCF Jura in podcast, which will be freely accessible on the site. And a selection of children’s films will be offered for teachers who would like to show them in their class. Students can then send their questions, impressions and comments by email, and the film crews will respond to them.



Studying the ants …

… But not just any. The Matabele ants, one species among 16,000 others, have the particularity of hunting termites only and of helping their fellows injured during bloody raids. Erik T. Frank, young researcher, tells in a fascinating book his observations in the station of Comoé (Ivory Coast). The study of these social insects could make it possible to identify new antibiotics, according to the author, who has helped to rebuild this scientific station, located in the heart of one of the largest areas of biodiversity in Africa. But this national park, after having been miraculously taken out of the world heritage in danger, was classified at the end of 2019 in “red zone” because of terrorism and the pandemic. Part of the copyright is donated to the NGO Les Amis de la Comoé.

Fight, save, heal. A story of ants, CNRS Éd., 17 €



Pin your red ribbon

March 26, 27 and 28 is Sidaction weekend. The collection will be all the more essential as it had to be canceled last year. Because this “other” virus that is the Covid has put our lives on hold and made us forget the fight against AIDS. From January to October 2020, there are 650,000 fewer screening tests compared to what was expected. This year is therefore decisive. To make a donation, four options: calling 110 (free call)

2. by Internet on mail to Sidaction, 228 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris SMS, send the word “DONATION” to 92 110 (cost of sending the free SMS) to donate 5 €



Focus on bipolarity

Bipolarity is a public health issue that is little talked about. The theme of World Bipolar Disorders Day on March 30 is: “Stigma, issues and perspectives. “ On this occasion, fifteen speakers, including people living with bipolar disorder, relatives, associations, journalists, psychologists and psychiatrists will shed light on the debate and outline the challenges to be met, especially in the current period. Under the patronage of the Minister of Solidarity and Health Oliver Véran, this meeting organized by Agros 2001 and the FondaMental Foundation will take place over two mornings, on March 30 and 31. Find the program on bipolar disorder

Register before March 29, see the “Registration” tab, price: € 10



Walking for a “real climate law”

This Monday, March 29, will begin in the National Assembly, in plenary session, the examination of the climate and resilience bill, which must in particular be inspired by the work of the Citizen’s Convention for the climate. Will this text be up to the challenges? Those who wish will go for a walk on Sunday April 4, at the call of nearly 300 organizations: The 150 (which brings together participants of the Citizen’s Climate Convention), Alternatiba, ATD Fourth World, France Nature Environnement, CCFD-Terre solidarity, We want poppies, We are ready, The hummingbirds… See you in Brest, Limoges, Chambéry, Charleville-Mézières, Saintes, Manosque… Details of the events on: March.


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