I don’t make 4 million riyals in the first show

The movie “Not Me” by the Egyptian star Tamer Hosni won revenues on the day of its first presentation that exceeded 17 million and 700 thousand pounds (4 million riyals and 234 thousand in its first day, and according to statistics, it is the highest revenue for Arab films in the history of Egyptian and Arab cinema, and Saudi and Arab cinemas were Yesterday, the world received the film.

The Saudi company, Instars, which is one of the leading companies in the film industry, owns the rights to distribute the film in all countries of the world except for the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the same company previously distributed the movie “The Money” by the star Tamer Hosni in 2019.

Upon its arrival in cinemas, the film recorded a wide turnout, took the “trend” in social media, and dominated the box office in cinemas, and the film witnessed an extensive advertising campaign, in addition to the great interaction in social media.

The events of the movie “Not Me” revolve around the character of Hassan, who suffers from a psychological condition and has a close relationship with his sick mother, who is the focus of his life, and she must take care of him, and the film in general simulates how Arab societies deal with mental health. A number of stars, including Majed Al-Kadwany, Hala Shiha and Sawsan Badr, star in the film, written by Tamer Hosni, produced by Hossam Hosni and directed by Sarah Wafik.


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