Hurricane Yas evacuates more than a million people in India

At least three people were killed on Wednesday after violent winds and torrential rains swept across eastern India a week after a cyclone hit the coast, forcing the authorities, which are making strenuous efforts to combat the Covid epidemic, to evacuate more than 1.2 million people.

Many experts say that the frequency and intensity of storms in the waters in the northern Indian Ocean is increasing under the influence of global warming and water temperature.

Last week, Typhoon Taoktay, the first major tropical storm to hit India this season, killed at least 155 people. And the latest storm, dubbed Cyclone Yas, forced the authorities to evacuate more than 1.2 million people in the eastern states of West Bengal and Adwisha.

The Indian Meteorological Department said that Cyclone Yas made landfall at around 9:00 (0330 GMT), and warned that waves would exceed the roofs of houses in some areas.

Some coastal areas witnessed winds of up to 155 km per hour and heavy rains.

“We have been witnessing heavy rain and strong winds since last night,” said a resident of the Balasur area located in the path of the typhoon. “Many trees were uprooted. The cyclone caused electrical cables to disconnect,” he added.

The cyclone preceded the storm killed two people, electrocuted in a district of West Bengal, according to the authorities.

Authorities in Calcutta, the largest city in West Bengal state, ordered the international airport to suspend most flights on Wednesday. Bhubaneswar airport, the capital of Odisha, followed suit.

“Every life matters,” said Odisha’s chief minister, Navin Patnaik, appealing to people not to “panic” and stay away from the coast.

4,800 rescue workers have been deployed in the two states equipped with logging machines and wires, emergency communications equipment, inflatable boats and medical aids, as confirmed by the National Emergency Response Force.


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