Hungry France: “Older people say tea and biscuits make a great dinner”

With the health crisis, then inflation, the use of food aid has increased sharply in France. In 2022, Food Banks welcomed 2.4 million people – among them, more than a third have been there for less than six months. The beneficiaries are three times more numerous than ten years ago, underlines the first national network of structures which offer food for free or at low prices in a study [PDF] Released Monday, February 27. Attendance at Restos du Cœur is also up sharply, increasing by more than 20% in February 2023 compared to February 2022 according to Franceinfo.

In addition to making access to food difficult, poverty also assigns those who suffer from it often less healthy and low-end foods. Bénédicte Bonzi, doctor in social anthropology, praises the establishment of a Social Food Security, a project defended by civil society in which everyone would contribute according to their means and would be awarded a food allowance. The consultant-researcher devoted a thesis – defended in 2019 – to the non-respect of the right to food, in which she develops the notion of “food violence”. She is now publishing a book based on this work, “La France qui a hunger” (Seuil). Interview.

Who is this hungry France, to use the title of your book?

Benedicte Bonzi They are young people who struggle, elderly people in precarious situations, single-parent families

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