Human Things, by Yvan Attal: family consent

CRITICAL – Yvan Attal transposes the successful novel by Karine Tuil in which a brilliant and privileged young man is accused of rape. He entrusts the role to his son Ben Attal, accompanied by his mother Charlotte Gainsbourg, for a powerful, disturbing and delicate adaptation.

To be a man, to sign a film exploring the subject of consent, to involve his family in it. By transposing the successful novel by Karine Tuil Human things with, in the flagship role of an offspring of the Parisian intelligentsia accused of rape, his debutant son Ben Attal. Yvan Attal, who also recruits his partner, and Ben’s mother, Charlotte Gainsbourg, holds out a massive club to get beaten. As evidenced by the turmoil, generated on social networks, by his appearance in the show “Quotidien”: Yvan Attal explained: “Consent, there is no question. But with the film, we can realize that there are cases that can be a little more complex. “ Yet his adaptation defuses pitfalls and sterile controversies and succeeds in being both powerful and disturbing, drawing the very subjectivity of consent.

Ben Attal lends his features to Alexandre Friel. Promised to a bright future, he graduated from Stanford. He is the pride of his mother Claire

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