Human resources: developer domains to raise hiring and address deficiencies

The report of the third quarter of last year of the Ministry of Human Resources revealed the launch of the Nitaqat Developer Program project to review the current Nitaqat engine and make the necessary amendments that support efforts to localize, employ and empower Saudis in line with the different sectors in the labor market and contribute to addressing and developing the shortcomings of the current policy. . A campaign entitled “My Place is Among You” was launched to enable people with disabilities to integrate into the family and society, and a decision was issued to localize the professions of communication and information technology to increase the contribution of national cadres working in the professions of communication and information technology. A memorandum of understanding was signed with the Public Transport Authority, the Human Resources Development Fund and a labor company. The future is to support Saudis working to implement the self-employment support program for workers in the vehicle directing activity to raise the rate of Emiratisation in vital economic activities, create sustainable job opportunities and expand support and qualification of the workforce and their participation in the labor market, and during the same period the Ministry received the IDC Digital Transformation Award

. During November 2020, the ministry launched the new identity of the ministry on all websites and systems of the ministry, internal and external, and mobile applications with new logos and colors, and it was found that the customer satisfaction index increased with the objection service and inspection visits.

In the fourth quarter of 2020, “Human Resources” obtained the fourth level to assess the maturity level for the year 2020, which is a service provided by the Performance Center to enable the agencies in the performance measurement department to determine the necessary procedures to move from the current level of maturity to a higher level in accordance with international best practices.

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