Human Resources: Developer domains eliminate the difficulties of calculating localization

The Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Social Development for Labor, Dr. Abdullah Abu Thanin, confirmed that the developer’s ranges program will eliminate the difficulties in calculating the Emiratisation rates by adopting a linear equation to calculate the employment rate in each facility based on the number of workers in it, after merging the classifications of similar activities and common characteristics to be 32 active instead of 85 activities in the domains. He pointed out in press statements that the program, which was launched in 2011, kept pace with the developments of the labor market by setting a minimum wage that started with 3,000 riyals, then raised to 4,000 riyals to count the citizen. In 2014 the second version was launched, and in 2017, the program began to register increase in settlement. The restructuring of the Nitaqat program in its new, developed version focused on three major amendments, the first of which was to integrate small and micro economic activities and merge them with the rest of the economic activities, and the second to present a fixed settlement plan for the next three years to provide legislative stability. The third amendment focused on improving the positive relationship between localization and the global population. Required as a substitute for the ratios based on specific and fixed sizes of the establishments. The program supports the strategic transformation initiatives that the Ministry of Resources and Social Development is working to implement during the current period. The working mechanism of the developed program is based on the same previously established ranges (red, low green, medium green, high green, platinum), according to the economic activity to which the establishment belongs. The program is expected to be implemented next December for all establishments. According to social insurance, the number of registered Saudi workers is about 1.8 million, while more than 6.5 million expatriates are employed in the Kingdom after 2 million left in the last two years due to the ongoing reforms in the labor market.

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