Hugh Grant: “The Covid is as if Harvey Weinstein was sitting on my chest”

Humor cures everything … even Coronavirus. In an interview with our American colleague Stephen Colbert in his famous “Late Show”, Hugh Grant recounted with his proverbial “so British” humor his experience of the coronavirus that he contracted in February with his wife Anna Elisabet Eberstein.

Months have passed since then, but obviously the virus has not affected the morale of the romantic and atypical seducer of Four weddings and a funeral. Listening one by one the symptoms of the disease, he amused himself by describing them in great detail, each more comical than the next. The first signs of its manifestation are particularly funny: “It started with this very curious syndrome where I found myself sweating blood and water in a poncho. It was really unpleasant. Then my eyeballs tripled in size. I felt like a big man like Harvey Weinstein had sat on my chest. ”

In a single projection Hugh Grant succeeded in mocking the fallen Hollywood producer after the revelations of his numerous sexual assaults and the coronavirus which had reduced him to a sorry state.

The coronavirus hell was just beginning for Hugh Grant. After excessive sweating and difficulty in breathing, the actor suffered from anosmia, that is, the loss of smell. The loss of this sense affected him so much that he ended up trying to recover it by the most incongruous means possible: “I first smelled the flowers: nothing. Suddenly, despair came over me. Then I sniffed the trash cans and even tried to smell the armpits of people on the street. Alas, I ended up going home to spray myself with my wife’s No. 5 Chanel. Ditto, my sense of smell had disappeared … but I had become blind. “

His confinement in London at the start of the year with his wife and three children, including two little girls aged 2 and 4, also took on memorable accents in his mouth: “I played with their Barbies. At first I thought I was doing this because I was nice and afterwards I realized that even after my daughters went to bed I was still playing. I had fun putting them on stage and making them fall in love. ”

Uncontrolled sweating, return to childhood, total anosmia … Hugh Grant, with his eternal kid’s half-smile will finally have this concluding sentence: “This is what happens during very long confinements, you are desperate.”

Hugh Grant tells Stephen Colbert with a smile on “his coronavirus” on CBS’s Late Show

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