HUAWEI nova Y90…Amazing and Smooth Experience

The HUAWEI nova Y90 proves that affordable smartphones for everyone can be amazing, as the powerful star with a huge screen features a 6.7-inch “HUAWEI Edgeless FullView” screen, 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge, and a 5000-capacity battery milliampere-hours.

The new “HUAWEI nova Y90” comes with a stunning wide 6.7-inch HUAWEI Edgeless FullView Display that allows everything to be displayed bigger and better.

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The screen design itself is elegant and classic with flat sides, a smaller notch, ultra-narrow bezels measuring just 1.05mm, and a high screen-to-body ratio of 94 percent, giving the device a richer and more immersive visual experience.

The phone provides a smooth experience to users with its screen refresh rate of 90Hz and touch sampling rate of 270Hz, whether it is for browsing web pages or playing games.

The new HUAWEI nova Y90 brings new smart eye protection features, and automatically adjusts screen brightness according to ambient light to make it easier on the eyes, while the smooth screen dimming control registers and determines users’ preferences in light intensity according to their usage habits.

The device to reduce eye fatigue features an eye comfort mode and an e-book mode, which improves the color temperature of the screen to give a paper-like reading experience, and make reading more comfortable.

The “HUAWEI nova Y90” has “HUAWEI SuperCharge” technology of 40 watts, as the phone can be charged to 50 percent in just 30 minutes, while connecting it for only 10 minutes allows enjoying up to 6.7 hours of talking on the phone. 3 hours of online video watching and up to 19.9 hours of music listening.

And the “HUAWEI nova Y90” is charged efficiently, in a smart and safe way for its users, through the built-in smart charging management, and it can recognize its charging status and intelligently regulate the charging capacity, to protect “Huawei” by doing so and extend the phone’s battery life, and also ensure that the device is fully connected with the habits of Shipping to its users.

You can also enjoy the HUAWEI nova Y90’s Battery Health Assistant function, which includes a built-in battery health detection algorithm, allowing it to intelligently detect the device’s battery status and issue a reminder of battery abnormalities to its users.

The eight-layer HUAWEI SuperCharge features a fast charging safety protection function, and is equipped to identify non-standard charging cables and chargers, and limits battery temperature and voltage, which together with the 13-layer charging protection system provides users with safety mechanisms Additional, including over-discharge and under-voltage protection, as well as over-current and over-current charging protection.

The HUAWEI nova Y90 has a 50MP AI triple camera system, with the help of the high resolution mode, the photos captured with the 50MP camera that were cropped or enlarged will preserve their clear and natural image quality.

From the rich, jewel-like tones of flower petals to morning dew drops on the foliage, the phone ensures that the customer’s experiences of the world are fully preserved and beautiful, while the 2MP Depth Camera and 2MP Macro Camera will help capture the world from a unique perspective to increase creativity Owner in photography.

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