“Huawei” guarantees the ideal phone that everyone aspires to

Smartphones have become one of the most sought-after devices in today’s technology market.

Huawei stated that with the increase in demand for smartphones, whether from fans of high performance, distinct shapes and colors, or simple ordinary users, the devices need to address different types of users and usage settings, by providing users with more options that range from Distinctive, modern and even price-friendly options, shown to ensure that everyone can get the perfect phone they aspire to.

Smartphones have different features and shapes that differ from one user to another, which leads to an increase in demand and a variety of options for different usage scenarios.

Huawei is handling this demand with a variety of smartphones that suit many users, which have seen great success in the Kuwaiti market.

The group of Huawei smartphones includes different devices for multiple scenarios, such as “HUAWEI Mate40 Pro 5G”, “HUAWEI Nova 7 5G”, “HUAWEI Nova 7 SE 5G”, “HUAWEI Y9a” and “HUAWEI Y7a”, which share The DNA itself is of unique design, features and high quality, each targeting a different type of user, with different features highlighting its best.

The “HUAWEI Mat40 Pro 5G” is the best flagship smartphone from the leading devices in the “Huawei” lineup, and displays the pinnacle of the brand’s technology through the world’s first 5-nanometer 5-nanometer chipset, the famous “Space Ring” design and the “Ultra Vision Cine” camera. », For all scenarios and for shooting a cinematic-like video.

“HUAWEI Nova 7 5G” and “HUAWEI Nova 7 SE 5G” won the best modern design, so that the “Huawei nova” series is famous for its attractive designs, and by choosing to step aside from solid colors, phones look completely unique.

The “HUAWEI nova 7 5G” has a stylish appearance, available in 3 wonderful colors of “Space Silver”, “Midsummer Purple” and “Black”. It comes with an “OLED HUAWEI Punch FullView” screen, in addition to a small slot for a front camera at the top.

The 6.53-inch screen features FHD + resolution of (2400 x 1080 pixels), giving an immersive viewing experience like never before.

The fingerprint on the screen complements this beautiful design, eliminating the need for a rear fingerprint scanner, to give the phone a seamless design from front to back.

The HUAWEI Y9a and HUAWEI Y7a also stand out at the best value, as Huawei has broken this stigma to bring the features of the flagship phones to its entry-level phones.

The “HUAWEI Y” is the latest addition to this series, the “HUAWEI Y9a”, which goes beyond the traditional aspects of the entry-level phones.

The phone comes with a powerful 64-megapixel quad camera setup, with a 40-watt HUAWEI SuperCharge, and a large storage space.

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