How Twitter Spaces works

After the successful experience achieved by Twitter as soon as the beta version of Twitter Spaces was announced on iOS devices, Twitter launched this service for Android users as well.

Voice chatting apps like the Clubhouse app have been active, as an inspiration to big companies like Twitter and Facebook.

Voice chat rooms

Twitter describes Twitter Spaces as a meeting place that depends on the voices of people who use Twitter, in other words, this service is very similar to the (Clubhouse) application, as it will allow users to communicate with a person, or a group of people through direct conversations, and once the discussion ends, the recordings will not be Available to Twitter users. However, Twitter indicates that it will keep copies of the calls for 30 days, in order to review violations of the Twitter Rules.

The goal of launching the service

Twitter launched Twitter Spaces to provide safe and secure voice chat rooms, so users can feel comfortable in their audio spaces. In order to provide a safe environment for users, Twitter seeks to launch a trial version that works on the iOS and Android system, which will include a few hundred people, to be released for public use within a short period.

The Twitter Spaces Test hopes to discover and address issues that may affect users’ safety and comfort.

Service work

– Click and hold on “Compose”, then click on the new “Spaces” icon, which you will find on the left.

Or, click on your profile picture, scroll to the right, and click on “Spaces”.

– You can now invite up to 10 people to talk to, share ideas, send emojis, and much more.

Be sure to select who can join the discussion.

You will notice that your microphone is off when you start the discussion. When you are ready click Activate Microphone.

– Choose whether to share the recorded copies or not by toggling the option on or off.

– You can now start recording your own voice in your own space.

You should know that only the person who created the discussion space (space) can end it.


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