How to protect ourselves from cyber attacks

While cyber attacks target access to and change sensitive information, in addition to destroying the infrastructure of important sites, the researcher in cybersecurity at Imperial College London, Engineer Al-Muthanna bin Abdulaziz Al-Aqil, revealed the most important ways to protect information, accounts and devices, explaining that internal risks are the most common threats.

Internal risks

Al-Aqeel stated that it is important to destroy papers in a correct and safe manner, by using the Paper Shredder machine instead of manual shredding.

One of the most common threats is the Insider Threat, meaning that it may be a colleague or a cleaner who looks at it and leaks it out of the organization in which you work. On the other hand, it is a good idea to learn OSINT or ask a professional for help. The goal is to find out what information is available about you on the Internet that the attacker may exploit in guessing passwords and to increase your conviction on a topic later on, by virtue of his full understanding of what you want.

Requirement for use

Continued: Many know that mobile devices and computers are vulnerable to privacy breach on the one hand, and luring you as a user to provide information and data from another side that may be used to penetrate your bank account, email, WhatsApp, etc. Therefore, it has become essential to life that we treat protection against cyber attacks as a condition for using computers and mobile phones to avoid their negative consequences.

Verification method

He showed that you must classify the sensitivity of your transactions in terms of risk, as there are sensitive transactions and information and others that are not. Therefore, it is important for you, your manager, and your colleagues to agree on a specific verification method, such as a phone call, in addition to an email or digital signature request, and others. However, it is customary to have a guide issued by the senior management of the organization in which you work, and therefore you must request a copy of this guide from the IT department or the cybersecurity department in the organization in which you work.

However, do not forget to always be careful, and ask yourself the following question: Is it usual for my colleague or manager to ask me such a request? Is this his correct email address, are there intentional typos in the mail host called Typosquatting. Therefore, it is important to check the links carefully and ensure that they are free from typosquatting that leads to a malicious mail or website, and beware of short URLs or links that carry new domains for you. You can use the Virtus Total website to check the link and ensure its integrity, which is intended to mitigate potential risks, not completely prevent them. Make sure that you do not use VirtusTotal for sensitive links and confidential files because these sites allow everyone to see the links and files sent.

Ways to protect

The acquisition of a reliable security program in which anti-virus is part of its work

Use the Password Manager program

– Commit to updating the weekly operating system as well as protection programs

– Update all programs and pay attention to free and pirated programs

Search for any available update for all programs on the device

Use a strong password for each account


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