How to prepare for English proficiency test?

Q. I’am an undergraduate student of Hotel Management. I would like to do my master’s in Canada. Can you please tell me how I should go about preparing for the English language proficiency exam?

– Divya Saini

A. English language proficiency tests are key to secure admission in any Canadian universities and colleges.

To seek admission in Canadian universities and score well in the exam, you should get your basics clear and practice as per the format of the respective exam.

Effective preparation calls for in-depth revision, taking assessments / mock tests to identify and assess your weak spots and practice those concepts where you lack.

Other options you can adopt for structured preparation is to enrol into an institute that assists students to prepare for high stakes exams through online platforms such as Pearson Classroom etc. It can be of great help in building lessons for grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation as well as mock tests for IELTS-A, IELTS-G, PTE-A and OET for Nursing and Medicine. You can revise and repeat the exercises as often as you wish. And map your progress systematically – from the comfort of your home!

In the current situation due to the pandemic, AI-based computer-based tests like the PTE Academic which typically furnish results in two days would be an advantage.

English language proficiency is an important determining factor for study abroad, hence, aspirants like you must focus on their preparation to practice and improve language skills to score well in the first attempt.

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