How to give feedback to team members

Peer evaluation in an appropriate manner that brings change is not easy. One expert advises using a simple method to formulate it. Anyone who regularly fails to provide a constructive assessment to colleagues can try the “start-stop-continue” method next time, according to businessman and author Michael Ashauer.

The expert explains how this method works, saying that the evaluation session should be private with each person, in which at least one topic of the “start – stop – continue” method is presented to the other person.

Start revolves around the question: What should the other person start with in the future?

The topics of “stop”: What should the other person stop doing in the future?

On the topic of “Continue”, it sends a message about what the other person should continue to do in the future, because it is something that you have already valued.

It is important for both sides to bring up at least a topic for each point (start – stop – continue), even if team members find it difficult to tell their boss what to stop doing in the future.

During the session, the participants must follow the rule of “not giving an evaluation on an evaluation”, according to “Ashauer”, and the points that have been raised should not be discussed, and the recipient must simply listen and thank the other party for his evaluation, and the most important thing is to acknowledge the other person’s point of view. And what he feels, according to the author.

Ashauer advises the establishment of a regular personal session between the team leader and the team members, as the evaluation method is used. Such a meeting should last for a maximum of 15 minutes, and it can, for example, take place every two weeks.


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