How to determine the price of artwork

Factors affecting the price of the artwork

the artist

The value of the work increases with the increase in the artist’s fame.

The artist’s career

The value of a work of art increases as the artist’s critical applause increases in general, and among the factors that may affect the price of the artwork in this context is the artist’s recent presentation of his work within a museum exhibition, or his obtaining an artistic commission or specific awards, or the acquisition of his works by some prestigious museums or government agencies Or private groups.

Technical technique used

The techniques used in the artwork add value, which increases its price and overall value.

the size

Whenever the position of the artwork differs, the materials used and the effort required to complete it differ, which affects the price of the work.


Original works of art are more valuable than prints, and prints are more valuable than mass-produced materials and copies such as posters.

In the context of limited edition publications, each edition must be identified by the unique edition number assigned to it. As for individual artworks. It is important then to highlight an assertion by the artist (or his gallery or the authority responsible for managing his works) on the uniqueness of the artistic work, and the artist’s intention not to produce any other works in the same artistic style, and this is done through:

– Obtaining a certificate of originality of the artwork

– Or to have an original invoice bearing the complete details of the artwork, and includes a copy of the art exhibition that represents the artist and his works

Condition and quality of artwork

Damage to a work of art reduces its value.

Market value

The prices for works of art are also determined by the general selling price for similar works.

Prices on charity auctions are not a sign or indication of the artwork’s price.

The art work market

The type of artwork currently needed and the purchase of artwork directly from the artist or gallery affects the price of the artwork.


The ownership history establishes and proves authenticity, which increases the value exponentially.


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