How to compress a file on a Mac

Multiple file compression

The first step:

Press and hold the mouse button or trackpad to draw a box around all the files that you want to compress, or press the (Command) button while clicking on the trackpad or the mouse button to select the files.

The second step:

Right-click or press (Control + Tap), and choose Compress from the popup menu. One new archive will appear in the folder, as before, the original files will remain intact. Step three: To rename the default archive file name, just right-click or press (Control + Tap) on the archive and select Rename. This is useful if you need to create multiple zip files or to make it easier for the recipient to know what’s in archives.

How to decompress a file

Simply double-click on the file, and it will automatically decompress it, or right-click or press (Control + Tap) on the zip file, hover over (Open With) in the popup menu, then choose (Archive Utility).

You can also choose to use a third-party decompressor program, such as (The Unarchiver). If not set as the default, MacOS will automatically create a new folder containing the files that were decompressed in the same location as the zip file.

Could not compress the file

The first step

Right-click or select (Control + Tap) on the file you want, and choose Get (Info) from the resulting menu.

The second step

Click the arrow next to “Sharing and Permissions” to open this option.

If you can’t compress the files, you might need to adjust file permissions, try this solution:

The third step

Verify that your specific account is set as administrator and that your permissions are read and write or read only, any other settings may prevent you from compressing the file.

If you are not an administrator, click the lock button and log in using the administrator data .. After that, switch your permissions to “read and write” or “read only”, and try compressing the file again.

Send Zip Files to (iOS / iPadOS)

Sharing files between (macOS) and (iOS) devices is difficult, but it’s inevitable, you’ll need to complete a few more steps to decompress files on your mobile phone or tablet.

The first step

Click on the files application and locate the respective file.

The second step

Click and hold the file and select (Uncompress).


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