How to cancel Paris-Rouen

A reader living in Lyon tells me that he took a Lyon-Rouen ticket, with change at Paris Saint-Lazare. Retained by an unforeseen event, he is obliged to cancel this ticket, the very day of his trip. After several unsuccessful attempts on the Internet or by telephone, he decided to go directly to the Lyon Part-Dieu counter. Where the agent explains to him nicely that if he can cancel without problem, there, immediately, the Lyon-Paris trip, it is impossible for him to do it for the Paris-Rouen trip. The only solution is to go to Saint-Lazare, in Paris, where they will cancel his ticket without any problem. But precisely, replies my correspondent, if I want to cancel my Lyon-Rouen ticket, it is precisely because I cannot take the train today. So I can’t go to Paris to cancel my ticket to go today from Paris to Rouen. Or else I wouldn’t seek to cancel my ticket. You follow me ? I follow you perfectly, but I’m not getting out of there: only at the Paris Saint-Lazare counter can you cancel your Paris-Rouen ticket.

But since I’m telling you that I can’t take the train today and that I just want to cancel my ticket reserved for today, how do you expect me to go to Paris Saint-Lazare? Sorry, I can’t help it, it’s at the Paris Saint-Lazare counter or nothing. Next time, dear reader, I suggest you go through Asnières. We never know…


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