How sensible is a decision to study abroad amid Covid-19?

Q. I have finished my graduation in Political Science (Honors) from a reputed college in north India. I have got admission in Master’s in International Relations in Australia National University. At the same time, I am quite sure of getting into JNU Delhi as well. My parents can afford the money for my study abroad as well but are reluctant because of COVID fear. What should I do?

– Jyoti Doki, Hyderabad

A. Despite the pandemic making its presence felt in both hemispheres, the world has not come to a halt. Yes, it has certainly slowed down the pace of economy, restricted the physical movement of goods, services and humans but still the world is moving on. Restrictions are being eased out in phased manner and the entire globe is trying to open up the productive and other sectors in a calibrated manner to get back on track.

Good education being most important contributor to the skill upgradation and personality development, one can hardly afford to let the opportunity like studying at a dream destination slip through one’s finger. Besides, adding value and financial stability to one’s existence it also enables the acquirer to contribute to the overall growth of nation. Also, there are mitigants to keep oneself away from the deadly tentacles of the pandemic.

Globally acclaimed institution such as ANU would certainly not spare any effort in observing and following all the required protocols for ensuring the safety of students and faculty among others while at the same time providing you with opportunities that will widen your horizon and bolster your capabilities. Moreover, getting enrolled in Masters program at ANU will give you an edge over others in the global job market, increase your earning capacity alongside offering an opportunity to know more about people from different backgrounds and cultures. Also, you can take advantage of the extremely dedicated and well qualified faculties that the institution provides.

In the wake of the above, you should certainly seek to convince your parents that this being a lifetime opportunity, shouldn’t be missed away under any misplaced notion or misguided fear. At the same time, you should also not be obstinate enough to overlook your parent’s concern and thus, it is prudent to strive for a balanced approach.

– Sanjay Arora is Chief Mentor and CEO Maven Career Coaching (+91 98159 03900),

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