How junk food promotes depression

What if the industrial chocolate bar you treasure for afternoon tea made you see life in black? What if this little daily pleasure certainly harmed your weight, but also your mental health? Delusional? Not at all !

For ten years, studies have multiplied on the link between diet and mental disorders. It is even one of the main avenues of research to develop new treatments for depression. The poor quality of our food could indeed contribute to explain the ever increasing number of people suffering from this pathology.

Inflammatory processes and depressive episodes

It is a recent but growing discipline, immunopsychiatry, which has made the relationship, not obvious a priori, between the functioning of the immune system and the color of our moods. “This extension of psychiatry has made it possible to show that notably inflammatory processes participate in the occurrence of depressive episodes”, explains Lucile Capuron, research director at the National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA) within the Nutrineuro unit, recognized worldwide for her discoveries on this subject.

Inflammation is the body’s defense reaction to aggression. ” Gold, continues the scientist, we have been able to demonstrate that this process, when it is prolonged or goes wrong, leads to all kinds of physiological disorders. And contrary to what has long been believed, the brain is not spared. An inflam

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