” How is the world doing ? No worse for all ».

I learn, thanks to The cross yesterday, than in the Czech Republic “There is finally the best after the worst”. I turn the page and I come across this question: “What if the worst is yet to come in Australia? “

In the Czech Republic, it is related to the pandemic (things are going a little better). In Australia, it is related to tarantulas (particularly dangerous) which land after catastrophic floods, themselves succeeding devastating fires. This is how the world goes: at best, it’s a little less worse; at worst, it’s even worse. To cheer us up, let’s go to Quebec. Which I did, even spending a year there (a long time ago). Over there, as I soon discovered, with some puzzlement, if you ask: “So how did you find the movie? “, we answer you: “Oh, no worse”. No worse than what? Not worse at all. Which does not mean at all that this film is really not terrible but that it could have been worse. No worse, I have come to understand, that means: not bad, rather good. And even: no worse for all. Either: not bad at all. It’s a lesson in philosophy. In Quebec, we are delighted that a film, a book, a concert, or health, life, the evolution of things, whatever you want, is not worse. While it could be. But it is not. So it’s no worse. And that is pretty cool. I dream of reading one day, in The cross, this title : ” How is the world doing ? No worse for all ».


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