How Harvey Weinstein allegedly deprived Robin Williams of his fees when Good Will Hunting came out

According to co-producer Kevin Smith, the former Hollywood mogul wanted to swindle the actor by diverting the film’s profits that were to come to him.

Harvey Weinstein, eternal troublemaker in the cinema. Accused by five women of sexual assault and rape, he is currently serving a 23-year sentence in New York City. Even behind bars, he is not immune to new denunciations. Kevin Smith, the co-executive producer of Good Will Hunting, reveals that Weinstein wanted to withdraw the film from theaters in order to reduce the cachet of Robin Williams, interpreter of Doctor Sean Maguire. The production in 1997 of Good will hunting is signed Miramax, a company founded twenty years earlier by the Weinstein brothers. Shakespeare In Love, pulp Fiction , as well as thes Kill Bill were also distributed by the studio.

Behind the notoriety of Miramax actually hides a greedy appetite. Without filter, Kevin Smith publicly reveals this deception on the occasion of the release of his book, Kevin Smith’s Secret Hideaway. In his perpetual quest for power, Harvey Weinstein learns of the existence of a deal made by Robin Williams behind his back, during the release by Good Will Hunting. It stipulated a profit split with Miramax, only if the film grossed more than $ 100 million, “so every dollar earned by the film at the box office should be shared with Robin Williams ”, specifies Kevin Smith of an interview with the media Daily Beast, October 25. Faced with the theatrical success of the film, Weinstein would have decided to withdraw it prematurely in order to keep the majority of the box office revenues for his company. The presence – among others of Robin Williams in the casting would have quickly paid for the 10 million dollars allocated for the realization of Good will hunting, revenues amounting to nearly $ 225 million.

Kevin Smith, who is also the director of Dogma and the trilogy Clerks, did not fail to substantiate his amazement during an interview with the media Daily Beast, October 25. “I remember they pulled the film out of theaters when it was still profitable at the time. He was walking incredibly well. I remember the day when Good will hunting left the rooms and I felt weird. I was like, “Wait, there’s all this buzz around the Oscars [le film a été doublement oscarisé en 1998, NDLR], so why take it out if it was just making money? ”And they did because keeping it in theaters meant more of the money would go to Robin.. Robin Williams was awarded the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 1998 for Good will hunting. Unlike Weinstein, he was not deposed.


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