How beautiful are these roses which bear fruit in the fall!

In fact, they are false fruits, called rose hips: the real fruits are found grouped inside this fleshy capsule.

Often it is the botanical roses that cover themselves with these magnificent fruits but some hybrids have nothing to envy them. Cascades of small orange pearls, long almost black pod, red mini-gourd, plump golden yellow nuts, all fantasies are allowed in the berry kingdom! These fruits are not only decorative: packed with vitamins C, they make excellent herbal teas, particularly appreciated in winter, and turn into delicious jams.

► A mini-anthology of roses with pretty fruits

Since it’s time to choose and plant bare root roses, here is a small selection to help you …

♦ Rosa moyesii ‘Geranium’.

Found in China in 1890, arrived in Europe in 1894 this large graceful rose, with light foliage, is covered with large single flowers, poppy red, in May. Notable fruits are the kings of the garden in the fall: bright orange, large, elongated, calabash-shaped.

→ PRACTICAL. The mimosa flowers can already be guessed …

♦ Rosa glauca

This European shrub, discovered in 1814, is very recognizable: the very fine foliage is bluish gray, blooming, and the single flowers are bright pink. Its many dark red rose hips, early, form in August.

How beautiful are these roses which bear fruit in the fall!

♦ ‘Ballerina’

How graceful this rosebush is, with its brilliant, very healthy foliage, its supple branches always covered with clusters of small single flowers, pink and white, followed, in October, by a cloud of small orange-red rose hips.

♦ ‘Hansa’

Among the large rugosa family, ‘Hansa is perhaps the most spectacular, in terms of its fruits. The crumpled and chubby flowers, with magenta petals iridescent with mauve, very fragrant, present until frost, are then accompanied by large fleshy, red rose hips.

♦ ‘Complicata’

The single, abundant bloom, in large bright pink rosehips with a white heart and long golden stamens, is followed by beautiful, shiny orange rose hips, all round.

How beautiful are these roses which bear fruit in the fall!

♦ ‘Francis E. Lester’

This liana rose, which can reach 5 m in height, produces aerial bouquets of pretty, simple, white wild roses, sometimes tinged with pink. Many small orange fruits attract attention from September, and this until the heart of winter.

♦ ‘Milrose’

On this small bush, the flowers follow one another from May to frost, grouped in bouquets. A beautiful porcelain pink, they are semi-double and are followed by a multitude of vermilion fruits.

How beautiful are these rosebushes which bear fruit in the fall!

♦ ‘Rodin’

The large semi-double flowers of almost 10 cm, light, shiny pink, open in April, to continue until frost. Large, plump red fruits make it very decorative from October.

► Old roses, in a state of grace… thanks to André Eve!

Many old roses give us superb fruit. When we talk about these roses, we think of André Eve, this rose grower who passed away 5 years ago. It was he, who in the 1970s and 1980s, made us rediscover them.

► André’s garden, and its future

At the start of the 1980s, André started a garden around his house in Pithiviers. Very early on, he recommended abandoning chemical treatments and presenting the rose bush in the midst of a great diversity of perennials. He revolutionized the idea we have of what a rose bush is, its use in gardens and its maintenance. All rose enthusiasts come to discover this magical place, whether they are famous gardeners – Catherine Deneuve, Annie Duperey, Pierre Perret, the king and queen of Belgium -, anonymous gardeners, and friends (I never missed an annual visit) . Tens of thousands of people have visited this garden.

André Eve tirelessly sharing his experiences there, his garden at Pithiviers has become one of the most famous French gardens in the world. To safeguard this essential place in the recent history of our gardens and their evolution over the past 40 years, the Association of Friends of André Eve is mobilizing.

In order to ensure the future of this property, Yvonne Eve, his wife, wishes to sell it, during her lifetime, to this association which, since André’s death, has ensured the maintenance and opening to visitors. To do this, 200,000 € are needed to complete the budget which includes the purchase and some work on the house. The sale will reserve to Yvonne Eve the right to use the house she continues to live in. Thanks to our donations, the association will be able to remain faithful to the work of André Eve by continuing to make his garden and his house one of the places where the future of the rose bush and gardens is being invented.


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