“Housing”: merging the stages of “white fees” to increase the stock of developed lands

Assistant Undersecretary for Lands and Technical Affairs at the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing – Abdullah bin Saud Al-Hammad: The amendment of the regulation of white land fees increases the efficiency of running the program. He explained in a press statement that the amendment, which merged the third and fourth phase, with a simple amendment in the second phase, came in support of the program, to achieve its goals and raise the efficiency of its operation, which strengthens the support of the real estate supply during the coming period.

Al-Hammad said: “We expect that we will have a stock of lands during the coming period, especially since the following stages target developed lands, not raw lands, pointing to a group of developed lands within the plans that the urban development has not been completed in, and the new regulations have separated them in order to support the real estate supply.”

According to the data, the Council of Ministers approved this week to amend the executive regulations of the white land fees system, and the amendment of the regulation included defining 3 implementation stages, the first includes undeveloped lands with an area of ​​10 thousand square meters or more, located within the scope specified by the ministry, and the second stage developed lands that reach Its areas are 10 thousand square meters or more, and the developed lands for one owner whose areas reach 10 thousand square meters or more in one plan within the scope determined by the Ministry, and the third stage is the developed land with an area of ​​5 thousand square meters or more and the total land developed for one owner whose areas reach 10 thousand square meters And more in one city within the range specified by the Ministry. The amendments also included the possibility of implementing more than one stage in one city, in addition to the Ministry conducting a periodic review of the situation in any city to decide whether to apply fees to land in it, suspend the application, or implement one or more stages to bypass a certain stage and move to the next stage in the same city.

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