Honoring a 293-year-old tree

We often hear about honoring social or sports personalities, who have contributions at the local level, by providing services to the community that had a great impact. In Hail, the situation is different. Perennial trees have been honored, or as they are called mothers of trees, because of their impact on aspects of life in the region.

She honored a perennial tree by placing it in a prominent place at the entrance to the city of Jubbah, whose age is estimated at about 293 years.

Dendrometric measurements

Recently, a group of final year students, in the Biology Department of the Faculty of Science at the University of Hail, made some dendrometric measurements on the perennial acacia tree, which is located inside the university city of the University of Hail.

The director of Hail University, Khalil Al-Brahim, said in a press statement that the tree has been preserved since the start of construction work within the university city, and has not been removed.

new Horizons

The Associate Professor of Botany at the University of Hail, Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, who supervised the participating students, explained that these results open new research horizons for the study of perennial trees in the Hail region, and the need to monitor and preserve them, as they represent an important environmental and cultural heritage, in light of what the cover is exposed to. Plants from the pressures of overgrazing and logging.

ecological balance

A social supervisor at the Social Committee in the city of Jubbah, Abdul Rahman Khamis Al-Ruwaiq, indicated that trees have contributions to the life of the individual and society, and played a major role in their survival in one way or another. Everyone knows the role of trees in the ecological balance.

The transfer process

Al-Ruwaiq noted that the tree trunk was honored by planting it at the main entrance to Jibbah, adjacent to the western side of the new cultural center, and not far from Al-Dallah Square. And planting and caring for the tree, which needed 3 large machinery and 10 workers to be transported.

Benefits of the tree for the environment

The tree helps repel strong winds, reducing the damage caused by them

The tree reduces the heat island effect in urban areas

Reduces the amount of sunlight reaching open spaces and buildings

Its leaves filter the air from dust and harmful pollutants

Reducing rain runoff that harms the environment


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