Hollywood, the world after

DECRYPTION – Accelerated by the global pandemic, the reorganization of the heart of the global film industry around streaming platforms will have major repercussions on the seventh art. To the point of threatening the future of theatrical cinema.

June 2013, University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas face an audience of students who listen to them religiously. Between them, with Teeth of the Sea, Star Wars, ET, the Alien or Indiana Jones, they changed the face of the film industry. A face which, according to the two septuagenarians, is losing human form. In question: the frantic financialization of an industry incapable of producing anything other than franchised and overbudged mega-rockbusters, under the impetus of financial groups which claim to make films in place of professionals (directors, producers, screenwriters, etc.). If the businessmen were content before paying for the plane, they now aspire to enter the cockpit and drive the device, even if it means risking a crash which is imminent according to the two filmmakers. Who predict the explosion of the current studio system. Visionary, Lucas specifies: “What we used to

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