Hollywood mogul David Niven

Released and translated in the 1970s, the memories of the actor who experienced the golden age of American studios are republished for the first time.

When Irene Dunne announced he had the Oscar for his role in Separate tablesDavid Niven ran down the aisle, missed a step and sprawled out on the stage. Excuse of the interested party: “I need to hurry before she changes her mind.” The anecdote sets the tone.

Niven is a man in a hurry. His prose does not lag either, as these hilarious “Memoirs” demonstrate which were nowhere to be found since the early 1970s and are republished for the first time. Raised eyebrow, aristocratic mustache, smirk, sparkling eye, he was elegance personified. That did not prevent him from having made the four hundred blows. Obviously, he is expelled from all colleges, prefers to join the army. He dreamed of the navy, he will get the infantry. In Malta, he wreaks havoc in his garrison, takes advantage of his leaves, gets drunk with his troops, tastes the joys of prison, offers whiskey to the jailer and escapes. Visits to the brothel are his recreation.

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