Historical reason behind the different placement of clothing buttons

While men’s shirts come with a row of buttons, on the right, while the openings of the shirt are on the left, which is not found in the world of “women’s clothing”, according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

According to the newspaper, all women’s shirts come with a row of buttons on the left, while the buttonholes are on the right, and this difference comes for a “historical” reason dating back hundreds of years, when men went to fight in wars, while women stayed to work at home.

Quora says that the men’s shirt buttons on the right make fencing easier, and facilitate access to the weapon, because “using the left hand to unbutton the buttons is more appropriate” in those cases.

Most men carried their swords in their right hands, so they needed to quickly open their shirts, with the left hand, to fencing and protect themselves.

women buttons

As for why women’s shirt buttons fall on the left row, it is very likely due to children, according to the Daily Mail.

Women tend to hold their babies in their left arm, so that their right hand can do other things, because the right arm is often dominant in most people.

Women’s shirts were designed to open or close with the only free hand, the right hand, so the buttons were placed on the left.

And clothing makers continued using this method to put buttons, to this day, to affect the historical eras, on the fashion of the modern era, in an indirect way.


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