His treatment was delayed and his leg was amputated

While the citizen Awad Moaid vowed himself and his time, to provide assistance to a number of the heroes of the southern border, whose car broke down on the side of the international road, linking Dhahran Al-Janoub and Najran, and while he was standing to provide assistance, he was involved in a tragic accident by a car coming from behind, which caused him to be exposed For severe injuries and fractures, he underwent an urgent surgery at Dhahran Al-Janoub Hospital. A month later, he was transferred to King Khalid Hospital in Najran region, and it was immediately decided to amputate the right leg.

But the father of the patient, Awad Moaid Awad, pointed the finger at Dhahran Al-Janoub Hospital, and confirmed, “My son was subjected to severe and unjustified neglect, by not referring him to one of the major hospitals, whether in the southern region or the Kingdom in particular, to spend about a month with them, they did not give him anything.” , until the ax fell to the head, and his leg was recently amputated at King Khalid Hospital in Najran, the only hospital that responded to us and received the case.”

hospital response

Meanwhile, Dhahran Al-Janoub Hospital said, in a medical report obtained by Al-Watan, that the patient came to the emergency department, as a result of a traffic accident, and he had a vulgar fracture below the right femur, with ruptures of arteries and veins below the right thigh, of the right gastrocnemius artery and vein, in addition to To crush the adipose and muscle tissues of the left thigh, and the presence of severe bruises under the skin, and the bone was fixed externally by the orthopedic consultant and performed an inverted venous connection of the right ductus arteriosus above the knee, by a vascular surgeon consultant, with a vacuum bomber, and a muscle fascia biopsy was also performed Leg, due to the formation of erysipelas syndrome in the calf muscles.

Incident details

Concerning more details, the patient’s father said, “My son had an accident in Dhahran Al-Janoub, and he was serving a number of members of the army, who were almost unemployed with gasoline. He was standing between the two cars and tying the rope to pull their car. God forbid that a car came from behind and collides with them and he was trapped between them. He was subjected to fractures in his leg and cuts in the arteries and veins, and he was transferred to Dhahran Al-Janoub Hospital, and an artery transplant was performed for him, and God forbid. He spent about a month in the hospital, and there was neglect from the hospital, for their wrong diagnosis and negligence in not transferring him, and transferring him quickly, and we procrastinated a lot until His leg was poisoned, eroded, contaminated, and infected with bacteria, until what happened. Unfortunately, we did not find a response from Asir Hospital or Khamis Mushait, and all I was told was that he would be transferred to the outpatient clinics, to be examined and returned again, astonished by what happened. Upon his arrival in Najran, he was diagnosed well. They told us that the amputation is inevitable, unfortunately, and Maedh Awad demanded that all negligent be held accountable, and whoever caused the amputation of his son’s man, he demanded that his son be compensated and that he be treated and rehabilitated in the largest hospitals.”

Najran Health Report

The patient, Awad Moaid, was involved in a traffic accident on 06/21/2021

The patient “25 years old” was presented as a plastic surgery case transferred from Dhahran Al-Janoub Hospital

He had multiple fractures and bruises a month ago

He also suffers from a fracture of the femur, lacerations in the vessels with superficial wounds on the right leg

– At Dhahran Al-Janoub Hospital, a vascular repair was performed, the right femur was stabilized, and a surgical incision was made for the right leg

The patient was hospitalized for 25 days in Dhahran Al-Janoub Hospital, before being transferred to plastic surgery

On 22/6/2021, the patient was admitted by the plastic surgery staff to the operating room

He had a deep wound in the right thigh with necrosis of the surrounding tissues and skin

Signs and symptoms suggest necrotizing fasciitis

The staff removed the damaged tissue, leaving the wound open with drainage

On the next day, 23/6/2021, a committee of vascular, plastic and orthopedic surgery was established

The decision was taken to admit the patient to the operating room, and to perform additional removal of the damaged tissue, with the possibility of amputation of the right leg above the knee.

– The matter was discussed and clarified to the patient’s relatives, and the operating room was reserved for the patient on the same day

– Then he was admitted to the operation, and the crew found widespread necrosis in the tissues

– The decision was made during the operation, to perform the amputation to save the remainder of the patient’s right leg.


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