Henry Cavill well positioned to take over Highlander

The interpreter of Superman and The Witcher is in negotiations with the Lionsgate studio to play one of the main roles of the franchise where Christophe Lambert and Sean Connery shone.

Henry Cavill is said to be about to add a new franchise to his arc, already well supplied with Impossible mission, Superman and the fantasy seriesThe witcher. The British actor is in negotiations with the Lionsgate studio to play one of the main roles of the new version of Highlander, the saga in which Christophe Lambert and Sean Connery shone.

If his participation materialized, it would be the last step before going into production. To the realization would find himself Chad Stahelski (John wick).

A cult film that did not hit theaters

According to the Hollywood specialist press, Cavill would be one of the protagonists of this future film. In the 1986 feature film Christophe Lambert played Connor MacLeod. This Scottish warrior born in the 16th century found himself immortal after having died in battle and came back to life. Sean Connery played the mentor of Connor, an Egyptian who adopted a Spanish surname Juan Sánchez. -Villalobos Ramírez. The only way to die for these supermen is to be beheaded. By killing their fellows, they gain more power. Centuries later, in contemporary New York, Connor confronts another immortal determined to behead all of his own, hence the famous slogan “There can only be one left.”

The film was a real flop in theaters but a great success in video, which gave rise to several sequels then to the television series with Adrian Paul. The idea of ​​returning to it has been tickling producers for a decade. The names of comedians Ryan Reynolds and Dave Bautista have even circulated.


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