Heart consultant leaves Eid prayers to save a patient

An emergency situation for fifty at the King Abdulaziz Center for Cardiac Diseases and Surgery in the National Guard prevented a consultant from the Eid prayer and diverted his path to the hospital to save her in record time and put a smile on his family’s lips with the safety of their patient.

As the cardiac and catheterization consultant at the King Abdulaziz Center in the National Guard Hospital in Riyadh, Dr. Fawaz Al-Mutairi, stopped in front of the Eid prayer hall in Al-Hamra district with his family for prayer, and if he contacted the center, he was informed of the arrival of an emergency case, which changed his invitation to return his family to the house and head to the center for the operation.

In a statement to (Al-Watan) Al-Mutairi said, “The hospital informed me of the arrival of an emergency situation for a patient suffering from severe chest pain and a suspected heart attack when I stopped with my children at the Eid prayer hall in our Al-Hamra neighborhood, which we left for home and then went to the hospital within 25 minutes. It took 15 minutes to perform the operation in record time.

He added, “Usually, the team on duty in cardiac capacity has 90 minutes to perform an immediate operation, and this process did not take 40 minutes until the patient was discharged.” “The cuff was made by the hand and it became clear from the diagnostic capacity that he was suffering from complete blockage in the left coronary artery, after which the treatment capillary with a medical wire, then a stent, opened the artery by 100% and the pain disappeared and the patient escaped and then went out to his family who are waiting for his safety.” “The feelings and joy of his family were a second feast for us, and praise be to God for whatever he helped us.”

The medical team consists of a consultant cardiologist, cardiovascular specialist, cardiologist, cardiac capacity technician, and nursing staff.


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