Health involved in the day of stuttering

The Ministry of Health participated in activating the awareness activities for the International Stuttering Day, by publishing an infographic through its Twitter account and its awareness platform # Live Health, which included an introduction to stuttering and its symptoms and when it is necessary to visit the specialist doctor.

Stuttering is defined as a disorder when speaking and speaking, where the sufferer finds difficulty in speaking, and it may be worse when the person is excited, tired or under pressure, noting that the types of stuttering include “early stuttering” (during the child’s growth) and occurs due to a stroke, or trauma In the head, or any other type of brain injury.

She indicated that the risk factors include the following (genetics / sex; males are more susceptible to it / other speech and language problems or developmental delays and psychological stress), adding that it usually begins at the age of two and five years. But if it is for a longer period, it needs intervention

She explained that although there are no drugs that prove their effectiveness in treatment, there are a variety of treatments and skills available and effective that can help the patient, as their nature varies according to the person’s age, communication goals, and other factors, which aim to improve speech fluency and successfully communicate.


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