He took advantage of his wife’s agency to sell a property in Obhur

The husband of his wife’s agency took advantage of managing her financial and real estate affairs, as he sold a residential villa for her for 1.2 million riyals in Obhur Al Shamaliyah, Jeddah, and after the wife learned of the sale of the property belonging to her, she asked for a divorce and the husband refused.

Take off issue

The wife stated that she went to a lawyer’s office to file the cases of divorce and exploitation of her agency by selling her property, but the lawyer told her that she is not entitled to file the case of using the agency, as it is considered an official document, as for the case of divorce, she is entitled.

The wife’s right

Lawyer Saleh Al-Juhani asserted that the wife has the right to file a khula case, as Sharia guarantees her that and the husband’s approval is not required to complete the khul ‘. Lawful.

He continued: “Khula means that the wife pays the husband in exchange for the termination of the marital relationship, and with regard to the agency that was given to the husband if it was a general authority over all the wife’s property, this is an official document, and the wife has no right to appeal it, because she entrusted her husband with her consent, and he did that. The work depends on the agency in his possession ».

Ways to raise issues of divorce

– Submit an application via Nagz.

Fill out the claim sheet.

– Mentioning the main reasons that prompted me to file a khula case.

– The wife gets a date for hearing the case before the judge and a date for a session in the Personal Status Court.

– After ascertaining the main reasons for the khula ‘, and if they are legitimate, the wife shall rule accordingly.


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