“He kept his intelligence and depth to the end”, Nadine Trintignant’s tribute to Jean-Louis

The director, mother of the children of the great actor who died on June 17 at the age of 91, returned for Paris Match on their common destiny marked by the tragic death of their two daughters, Pauline and Marie.

They lived together for fifteen years. Nadine Trintignant has agreed to talk about the father of her three children in Paris Match , the great actor Jean-Louis who left us on June 17 at the age of 91. The words chosen, by the one who will have directed it five times on a film set, were imbued with infinite tenderness: “With Jean-Louis, we stopped being in love, these are things that happen, but we didn’t stop loving each other…”

The death of the actor, with whom she remained married for fifteen years, from 1961 to 1976, was of course “a shockfor Nadine Trintignant. However, she regularly came to see him. “Jean-Louis could hardly see anymore, walked with difficulty, she confesses. But Jean-Louis remained clear, he kept his intelligence and his depth until the end..

“Jean-Louis and Marie only played two pieces together; It’s a shame, because they played the same…”

Nadine Trintignant

With great modesty, the director of Fragility, your name is woman (1965) did not hesitate to speak of the tragic fate of their two daughters, Pauline and Marie. “When with Jean-Louis, we lost our daughter Pauline, Marie was eight years old, there was no question of letting go. Life is stronger than you think…”she believes.

Further, she still evokes Marie Trintignant, who will be killed in 2003 by her companion Bertrand Cantat. We feel that her pain is not yet entirely extinguished, she speaks of her daughter as if she were still among us without evoking the tragedy of her disappearance: “… He and she met, on stage, for the Poems to Lou. They only performed two plays together; It’s a shame, because they played the same…»

At the end of her tribute, Nadine returns to the discreet charm of Trintignant, to this magnetic shyness that the greatest filmmakers from Dino Risi to Costa-Gavras will be able to immortalize on screen: “Jean-Louis was shy, reserved, almost mute… Marie was also shy. Jean-Louis was very afraid of death, he said so. He had this very beautiful sentence, so true, during our last conversation: “When one of us dies, the other will lose the witness of his youth”.

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