He beat his wife back for being busy with PUBG

A man hit his wife on the first day of Eid al-Adha, for not preparing coffee for his friends, and the wife confirmed that she was busy playing PUBG on the mobile, which prompted her husband to hit her with the headband, and only she left the house and went to her family to demand his sue.

Case details

The outbreak of a dispute between a married couple led the wife to appoint a lawyer to demand that he take her right from the husband who beat her on Eid.

After the lawyer listened to the story from the wife, she confirmed that on the first day of Eid al-Adha, her husband entered her and asked her to prepare coffee for his friends, but the wife was busy playing PUBG, an electronic game via mobile, explaining that her husband always prevents her from entering that game on the pretext that she plays it Concerning the affairs of the house, stressing that she does all the affairs of the house and her husband, and does not play except in her spare time, but the husband refuses to do so, and this is what prompted him to hit her with the headband, and it was only from the wife that she left the house and went to her family to demand that the husband sue as a result of the infringement upon her, and demanded his punishment Paying a fine as a result of trespassing without an important reason for it

Legal penalties

Legal advisor Saeed Al-Harbi confirmed that what the husband did is considered a violation of the wife, as beating is punishable by law with a fine of up to 50,000 riyals. In the event that there was clear harm from the infringement, and the wife brought a medical report showing that she was affected by the beating and that harm occurred to her, she shall be punished with imprisonment according to what the case overseer sees. Conciliation has been made here, a pledge not to repeat it is taken by the husband, and if the conciliation is not made, it will be submitted to the judge for consideration.

Marriage courses

The family counselor, Abdul Rahman Al-Ghamdi, believes that most marital issues or problems are due to a lack of agreement between the spouses, and therefore all those who are about to get married must enter into pre-engagement courses, as many of those who entered these courses were able to control their marital life. There must also be continuous awareness programs about the family and its importance, through which understanding and affection are created between spouses. The marital relationship is based on a secure and reassuring family. The courses also help reduce divorce cases and increase awareness of marital affairs.


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