Hariri: The private education sector needs 3 years to recover

A member of the National Committee for Education and Training, Chairman of the Private Education Committee in the Makkah Chamber, Dr. Mowaffaq Hariri, revealed a decrease of 400,000 students in private schools due to Corona, and indicated that the demand for the private and foreign schools sector will rise to what it was before the pandemic within 3 years, and according to preliminary estimates, The number of students in private schools in the Kingdom decreased by about 400,000 students out of a total of 1.2 million students. He considered that the feasibility studies for establishing private schools completed before the Corona period are no longer valid, due to the change in data, the degree of risk, the nature of the demand for service, and the degree of sensitivity of this type of investment.

Hariri explained that the committee redoubled its efforts to overcome the Corona crisis, until the number of its meetings during this session reached 43 main meetings, in addition to dozens of meetings of the work teams emanating from the committees that organized 22 different events that included public meetings, meetings with officials and work visits, as well as providing research studies in cooperation with the Center Business Intelligence in the Makkah Al-Mukarramah Chamber on the challenges of the private education sector, vision and solutions.

He pointed out that the committee drafted a “professional honor document”, which represented a reference in resolving some common issues. At the national level, some members of the committee participated in the meetings of the National Committee and in central meetings that included ministerial agents to discuss some issues related to private education, as well as providing programs and support packages with some parties Related to support employment and investment in schools and kindergartens.

Dr. Hariri praised the role of the Board of Directors of the 20th session of the Makkah Chamber and the various sectoral committees for their efforts during the crisis despite the challenges, and the conclusion of which was the Makkah Chamber Center for Exhibitions and Events and the accompanying development and economic movement.


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