Hanan Lantern .. The Ministry of Culture celebrates the elements of Saudi culture in Ramadan

(MBC) begins broadcasting the weekly cultural series “Lantern Hanan”, prepared and produced by the Ministry of Culture, starting from Monday evening April 12, 2021, at the rate of an episode every week of the blessed month of Ramadan, which is a lyrical drama series that deals with the cultural elements associated with the holy month and night. The feast, in an indirect way that matches the atmosphere of Ramadan, attracts young and old, including singing dialogues and popular songs that were specially prepared for the series.

The main idea of ​​the “Hanan Lantern” series is based on lyrical drama, during which the child “Hanan” presents social stories that stem from the cultural aspects associated with the reception of the holy month of Ramadan, and the people’s joy at its introduction, the songs and rituals that accompany it, passing through some Ramadan meals and their equipment through the family, to the atmosphere. Al-Gergean, his songs and his special costumes, the narrator and the gathering of young and old around him, and the series ends with the Eid episode, which shows the preparations for this special occasion, and the joyful atmosphere associated with it.

Each of the episodes of the series includes an interesting puzzle, as the child “Hanan” appears as she tries to discover a mystery in each episode with the help of her family members, and the answer to the puzzle is in the following episode; To give the scenes an area of ​​interaction and participation. In a series of cultural episodes, the Ministry of Culture aims to present an innovative visual product based on a new creative idea that suits the atmosphere of Ramadan, through which the non-material cultural elements that express society’s relationship with the Holy Month are celebrated, in an unconventional manner that targets both young and old, and reflects the cultural richness in The various regions of the Kingdom, through the diversity of foods, costumes, heritage and cultural aspects associated with the blessed month of Ramadan.


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