Hala Al-Shiha’s father: Her mother is devastated by her behavior

The plastic artist, Ahmed Shiha, attacked his daughter, the artist, Hala, after her recent crisis with the artist Tamer Hosni, because of the release of a video clip that combines her with him in scenes from the movie “Mesh Ana”, which is currently being shown in cinemas in the Arab world.

Ahmed Shiha expressed, during media statements, his strong anger towards his daughter and what she does and says, stressing that these actions put her family in an embarrassing situation, and considered that her mistake this time is very big and that her mother is sick and collapsed when she learned what she wrote.

He said: “No words are true, and she filmed the movie and was very fond of it, and I don’t know what the basis of this talk is. You are my image and salvation.. It is not a solution that I know.”

And he continued, “I do not agree with Hala’s words at all, and this talk does not help, and it is not because she is my daughter’s risk that she made a mistake.” Unprecedented revenue.

Hala Shiha was subjected to a large wave of criticism and attack by her fellow artists, after she repudiated a video clip with singer Tamer Hosni. Hala Shiha said: “If art makes us move away from the approach of our Lord and Manbash is a role model for our children, it remains void and is not art.”

A number of actors and artists attacked Hala Shiha because of her statements, most notably Ilham Shaheen, Randa Al-Behairy, lyricist and rapper Khaled Taj Al-Din, director Mohamed Al-Adl, in addition to her father, plastic artist Ahmed Shiha.

For his part, the captain of the Egyptian Actors Syndicate, Ashraf Zaki, took a strict stance against Hala Shiha, after her controversial statements about her movie “Not Me.” Ashraf Zaki said that he was “disturbed by what happened to that woman (Hala Shiha)…I do not believe what was said. There is no return for those who say art is forbidden. It has no place in the union.


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