Hal Holbrook, unforgettable performer of Mark Twain, died at 95

The American comedian, oldest of those nominated at the Oscars for his composition in Into the Wild (2007) by Sean Penn, died in Beverly Hills.

The writer Mark Twain and President Lincoln … He will have embodied the great figures of America. Actor Hal Holbrook, oldest of the Oscar nominees for his outstanding performance in Into The Wild (2007), died January 23 in Beverly Hills where he lived. He was 95 years old.

Comedian with exceptional mimetic talents, in 1967 he became famous in the United States for his striking interpretation of Mark Twain, the author of Adventures of Tom Sawyer, in the room Mark Twain Tonight, which won him a Tony Award in 1966 and the first of his Emmy nominations in 1967. Like a compass or a lucky charm, he will continue to compose his favorite role until the age of 90.

With the same concern to blend in with the personality of the person he embodies, Hal Holbrook also played President Abraham Lincoln. Like his composition of Mark Twain, this new role in a series, allowed him to glean a new prestigious award, an Emmy Award, in 1976.

The tribute of Steven Spielberg

Hal Holbrook was born in Cleveland on February 17, 1925. After serving in the United States Army in Newfoundland during World War II, he attended Denison University in Granville, Ohio. And like a mark of fate, he devotes his graduation thesis to … Mark Twain.

During a career that will last over sixty years, Hal Holbrook has worked with some of the most renowned filmmakers. “Deep Throat” in The President’s Men from Pakula, it was him. In the movie The Battle of Midway, it was still him alongside Charlton Heston, Henry Fonda and James Coburn.

Steven Spielberg, who knew his talents and the importance he had in the history of Hollywood paid him, during his lifetime, a beautiful tribute. He asked her to play a part in his Lincoln in 2012. Hal Holbrook gladly accepted.

An anthology in pictures of the memorable appearances of Hal Holbrook in the cinema


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