Haji lover and Andalusia departure

The Iraqi historian Abdul Rahman Al-Hajji, one of the most prominent pens that documented the history of Andalusia, passed away yesterday morning in the Spanish capital, Madrid, after a march of tender in documenting Andalusian civilization.

Al-Hajji was known for his great efforts in the field of Andalusian historical studies, and he authored, verified and translated many works that later became an important reference for a number of researchers in Andalusian studies, and he is one of the founders of the United Arab Emirates University, and heads the Department of History and Archeology in it.

His career

Al-Hajji received a BA in Arabic Language and Literature and Islamic Sciences, in addition to a Higher Diploma in Education and Psychology from the Faculty of Education at Ain Shams University – Cairo. He began his journey with postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts at the University of Madrid, and in 1966 he obtained his doctorate from the University of Cambridge (Britain) on diplomatic relations with Western Europe, while he received a professorship from the University of Baghdad in 1979.

His most prominent books

Among his most prominent books are “Andalusian History from the Islamic Conquest until the Fall of Granada”, “Andalusia”, and “Islamic Civilization in Andalusia: Foundations, Fields, and Impact on European Civilization.”


From the conquest to the fall of Granada.

The history of Andalusian music, its origins and development.

Diplomatic relations between Andalusia and Byzantium.

– Ibn Zaidoun, ambassador and mediator.

– Migration of Andalusian water upon the fall of Granada, “its conditions and effects”.


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