Hafez: Saudi banks have contributed 160 million riyals to support the “health endowment” for Corona

Another 100 million for the “community fund”

500 journalists and media professionals of both genders promoting the banking and financial culture

Our goal is to help those who write the financial news have accurate usage of vocabulary

Postponement of installments of 3 months for health workers who have consumer real estate credit facilities

He told Al-Madina, Talaat Zakaria Hafez, Secretary-General of the Media and Banking Awareness Committee and a spokesman for Saudi banks: The goal of the committee is to create a bridge for communication between Saudi banks and between our colleagues and colleagues in the press and media, explaining that we are all in one boat, which is the boat of the great homeland, stressing that The main goal is to serve this country and society, by conveying accurate information and knowledge, especially when we are talking about an important sector that constitutes a large part of the GDP and a partial economy of the country.

This came at the conclusion of the 25th edition of the training program adopted by the Banking Media and Awareness Committee in Saudi banks in partnership with the Financial Academy, dedicated to journalists and media professionals under the title (The concept of the banking industry and its role in economic development) with the participation of experts and specialists in the financial, economic and banking sector.

He said: The media is the one who communicates our message to the members of society and we do not demand that this message shine as much as we seek to be an accurate and useful message from which the community benefits, and we are keen on communication between the media among them and bring them together in one place, and it is an opportunity between them to discuss and exchange ideas in what serves Public good.

He pointed out that the Kingdom is considered a continent, and we are keen on all cities in the Kingdom to hold such courses, and it is not forbidden to hold a similar session or other courses in good kindness.

A bundle of axes

He explained that the session or program that was implemented in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah during its sessions that lasted for four days during the period from 11 to 14 October this year aimed to shed light on a package of axes and concepts related to the banking and financial industry sector, including – explaining the definition of the functions of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency Sama and the activities and tasks of a number of institutions and bodies related to banking and financial work, such as the Saudi Credit Information Company, a feature of the International Finance Corporation, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and credit rating institutions, in addition to addressing the reality of investment and finance in the Kingdom.

Basics of banking

Hafez said: The agenda of the session, which was presented and managed by a number of experts, specialists, researchers and advisors in financial banking, dealt with a wide range of fundamentals and principles of work, products and services in the Saudi banking sector, including bank account rules, corporate and individual banking products, bank financial statements, money laundering penalties and standards. Accounting for banks and financial institutions, value-added tax and how it is calculated on banking transactions, as well as the latest developments in banking technologies and the most prominent developments in terms of mada service for online purchases, its applications, and a payment system.

Banking culture

500 journalists and media professionals

He emphasized that the Media and Banking Awareness Committee in Saudi banks targeted behind this program, which it launched since (2010), with about 500 journalists and media professionals of both sexes registered, to enhance the banking and financial culture of Saudi journalists and media professionals of both sexes working in various press and media institutions. In the Kingdom with the aim of enabling them to possess the necessary banking and financial knowledge tools to support their efficiency and the quality of their professional performance. It is intended that the committee, in partnership with the Financial Academy, will continue to expand the scope of the program’s courses during the next phase to include more cities and regions of the Kingdom in view of the volume of interaction that accompanied the previous courses and the positive returns achieved from Through it.

25 courses in several cities

Talaat Hafez added: We are happy in Saudi banks, represented by the Media and Banking Awareness Committee, to organize such a session for media professionals in Madinah, with the firm desire of both journalists and the Banking Awareness and Media Committee to spread the interest of this session to all regions and cities of the Kingdom. Riyadh, the Eastern Province, and Jeddah Governorate, after 24 sessions, we decided to hold it in Medina to expand financial and banking knowledge and benefit our colleagues, media professionals and journalists at the Kingdom’s level.

The fiscal item

He pointed out by saying: We know that this session will not graduate bankers, economists or financial analysts, but the goal is to have media professionals and journalists present in selecting the financial term and gaining knowledge skills in relation to banking matters in the banking sector or in the financial sector and helping those who write the financial news To seek the accuracy of the uses of the financial and economic vocabulary and the sensitivity of a single usage misplaced and in the lack of context and content that give a bad reflection and a great difference to the news and the meaning of the news.

Denominators of civilization

Hafez affirmed that the Saudi banking sector is one of the giant cultural common denominators that have witnessed over the past nine decades of the Kingdom’s founding, impressive and ambitious achievements that have formed the Kingdom of a strong global presence in the field of financial transactions to the point where the Saudi banking sector has strengthened the state’s economic economy and supported it in all important points throughout its history. Ancient.

Banks and Corona

Banks also contributed to the Corona epidemic that disrupted the world and disrupted various aspects of life and forced them to take harsh health and preventive measures and measures represented by tight closures and restrictions, which inflicted unprecedented losses on the economy. The Kingdom and its banking sector were not isolated from the consequences of the pandemic and because the health of the Saudi citizen has priority in The thought and vision of the wise leadership The response of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques came in line with this goal. Parallel to the concern was to reduce the economic harm to the citizen as a result of the preventive measures. Here, the role of the banking sector emerged, which was aware that the actual gain in protecting real capital is the human being and that social responsibility and citizenship imposes Solidarity with society and the state so that everyone crosses to safety and the exceptional and early response of the banks to the initiatives launched by the government on the one hand of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency and on the other hand, in addition to the self-initiatives adopted by the banks in the framework of social responsibility.

He said: Banks continued to provide their services in recognition of the importance of financial and banking transactions in the lives of individuals and the economy, while fully adhering to the highest safety standards and preventive measures necessary to prevent overcrowding, providing sterilization and prevention requirements within the branches, and preventive medical examination procedures for entrants, in addition to what bank buildings and branches witnessed in the implementation of comprehensive sterilization campaigns Banks have also adhered to the rules of social distancing by implementing a remote work program for their employees, and by holding meetings via remote visual means.

Options menu

He added: Electronic banking and financial solutions have emerged that have provided customers with a wide list of options that enable them to complete their financial transactions remotely, depending on the electronic channels of banks, such as payment through smart phones, issuance of digital cards through the bank’s application on smart phones and the possibility of opening bank accounts Saudi banks have benefited from the digital infrastructure that they enjoy to demonstrate the wisdom of their early vision of the importance of digital transformation and their pioneering leadership in accessing the future of banking, which enabled them to continue their work efficiently and remotely, submit requests for financing, conduct money transfers, submit requests for bank credits and pay employees’ salaries. During the pandemic.

Banks have actively participated in awareness campaigns to urge citizens and employees to adhere to safety and prevention measures and keep abreast of government efforts and measures adopted by the Kingdom in facing the Corona epidemic and in response to its initiatives aimed at mobilizing societal efforts to reduce its effects on various groups and sectors in society. Saudi banks have contributed an amount of 100 million Saudi riyals. For the account of the community fund launched by the Ministry of Human Resources and Community Development and the General Authority for Endowments with the aim of supporting the groups most in need and most affected by this epidemic and has contributed more than 160 million riyals to support the health endowment fund adopted by the Ministry of Health, with the aim of supporting its efforts and enabling it to continue its journey in fighting the epidemic and raising The readiness and capacity of the health system with all its administrative, preventive, investigative, therapeutic and awareness-raising components to limit the spread of the virus and to create an appropriate environment to address this pandemic and protect human health and safety.

Premiums deferred

Saudi banks also took the initiative to postpone 3-month installments for the health staff who have credit facilities, consumer real estate, and lease financing without changing the cost, in appreciation of their strenuous efforts to preserve the health of the citizen and the resident .. stressing that this comes as a continuation of the banks’ role in supporting the homeland and its people and in line with the decisions of the Foundation The Saudi Arabian Monetary (SAMA) Banks provided a package of incentive and incentive measures to support their customers from the individual and corporate sectors and the small, medium and micro enterprises sector, in a way that contributes to maintaining the continuity of business sectors in light of the exceptional circumstances that the Kingdom is witnessing and the whole year.


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