Hadaf invites firms to register online for the employment support program

The Human Resources Development Fund called “Hadaf”, the private sector enterprises to register in the employment support program electronically, and to benefit from the program’s support for the wages of Saudis working in all professions and activities in all private sector establishments, which amounts to 50% of the employee’s monthly wage. All establishments can benefit from the program’s support, by registering online by entering the business owners page on the National Labor Portal (Taqat) at the link: https://taqat.sa. The fund launched an employment campaign that includes 4 new improvements to the program, with the aim of increasing the number of beneficiaries of the program from the nation’s sons and daughters, increasing their participation in the labor market, as well as empowering private sector enterprises, ensuring their stability and developing their performance, and mitigating the economic impacts and repercussions affecting them.

The improvements include reducing the minimum wage for an employee eligible for support from 4 thousand riyals to 3200 riyals, calculating an additional 10% support for the affected activities, as well as calculating an additional 10% support for several other targeted professions, in addition to the inclusion of employees who were employed from July 1, 2019. In the program, the subsidy is paid to them from the date they are registered in the program.

The “Employment Support” program supports the wages of Saudi men and women in all jobs and professions in all private sector establishments, at a rate ranging from 30% to 50% of the employee’s monthly wage for a period of two years and a maximum of 3,000 riyals per month, provided that the subsidized employee’s salary does not exceed 15,000 riyals.

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