«Hadaf» calls on operating and maintenance facilities to announce their jobs through «energies»

The Human Resources Development Fund “Hadaf” called on establishments operating in the operation and maintenance sector to announce vacancies in sector contracts concluded with public authorities, through the National Labor Portal (Taqat), in order to benefit from the support services and initiatives provided by the fund to sector establishments, as well as Portal services in accessing qualified and appropriate national cadres.

“Hadaf”, in coordination with the entities participating in the localization of operating and maintenance contracts in public entities, contributes to covering the financial cost of the approved training programs intended to qualify and enable national cadres to work in the sector and meet the needs of the establishments operating in it. The fund also provides through the “Taqat” portal www.taqat .sa, offers several possibilities to localize the sector, and raise the rate of participation of male and female citizens in the labor market.

The localization of the operation and maintenance sector aims to provide attractive job opportunities for male and female citizens in vital sectors, develop and improve the work environment in the sector, as well as enhance the sector’s role and participation in national economic development, and achieve the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in raising the level of Saudi participation in the labor market.

The Emiratisation Guide in Operation and Maintenance Contracts in Public Entities pointed out the need for public entities to include a paragraph in the competition brochure for those contracts, to compel contractors to announce all targeted jobs in the National Labor Portal (energies), with the aim of reaching the largest segment of individuals.

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