Gulf citizens are the most inquiring about crossing the ports for foreign married

While the Royal Decree was issued to approve enabling male and female citizens married to non-Saudis to travel directly through the ports, most of the inquiries received to the official account of the General Directorate of Passports came from Gulf nationalities.

More inquirers

According to Al-Watan’s monitoring, most of the inquirers were from Gulf citizens married to Saudi women from Kuwait and then the Emirates, while the highest inquiries were from female citizens married to Kuwaitis. Among what has been stated, “If the wife is Saudi and the husband is in Kuwait, is she permitted to travel to her husband on her own, or should he attend with her?” Another said, “Is my Emirati husband allowed to enter and tell me that I am Saudi?”

Another said, “I am a Saudi soldier in Kuwait and reside there. My wife and child went to visit Riyadh, and now they have 7 months. What is the solution?” “My husband is a Saudi resident in Kuwait, can I travel?” She inquired. A woman pointed out, “I wish you could explain more, well, I am a Bahraini, and my husband is a Saudi and I live in Saudi Arabia. Can I enter Bahrain or not?”

Travel permits

The Passports stated that if the Saudi citizen is unable to present the documents that prove the wife’s presence outside the Kingdom, and that she is unable to come to the Kingdom, he can apply for a travel permit through the “Absher” electronic platform and attach all the required documents, in order to facilitate the procedures for obtaining a travel permit.


Saudi women married to non-Saudis can travel with their husbands, or join their husbands abroad.

Saudis married to non-Saudis, if they are residing outside the Kingdom, due to work or other conditions, that do not enable them to come to the Kingdom.

Passport validity

3 months when traveling to the GCC and Arab countries

6 months when traveling to the rest of the permitted countries


Presenting proof of marriage to the officials at the departure ports directly

In the event that it is not possible to present the required documents to the officials at the port

Apply for a travel permit via the platform

Electronic Absher and attach all required documents.


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