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Twitter strives to make it easier for tweeters to support each other beyond following, retweeting, and liking. The platform had experimented with the “tipping” feature a few months ago, which enables individuals to send and receive financial support. Today, the platform introduces the “Tips” feature to everyone to enable them to support their favorite people on Twitter with more payment options and methods, including digital currencies.

Account links

Many tweeters add links to their personal accounts on various payment services for their Twitter profiles and tweet them as well. The “Tips” feature makes it easy to do this, as it provides them with a fixed place in their profile to link their accounts with payment services such as APP Cash, Patreon, Venmo and others to enable people to provide their support.

The feature would help tweeters send a “tipping” to their favorite account, send support to a content creator, help a small business owner during difficult times, support an important cause, etc. Twitter will start rolling out the feature on iOS first, then Android in the coming weeks.

How it works?

People can see which accounts are enabled if this icon appears next to the follow button on their profile page. When they click on it, a list of the payment services or platforms the account has added will appear, and they can select the option they prefer.

Today, the platform is adding some new services to the list, GoFundMe, an online fundraising platform, and PicPay, a Brazilian mobile payment platform.

Once users click on the service they want, they will be taken from Twitter to the selected app so they can complete the payment for the amount they specify.


In addition to payment services available with “grabs,” people can offer support in the form of bitcoin using Strike, a payments app built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network payment platform that allows people to send and receive bitcoin.


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