Govt postpones NEET PG till Aug 31, final year MBBS students can monitor mild COVID cases

Aditi Tandon
Tribune News Service
New Delhi, May 3

In wide-ranging decisions to boost the availability of medical personnel for Covid response, the Government on Monday decided to postpone NEET PG for four months until August 31 to rope in MBBS pass-outs preparing for the exams.

It also permitted final year MBBS students to conduct teleconsultation and monitoring of mild Covid cases under the supervision of senior doctors.

Story Highlights

  • Postponement of NEET-PG for at least 4 months
  • The State and UT Governments are to make all efforts to reach out to each such prospective NEET candidates and request them to join the Covid – 19 workforce in this hour of need.

  • States may deploy Medical Interns in Covid Management duties

The decisions were taken after Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed the growing need for adequate human resources for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

“A decision was taken to postpone NEET-PG for at least 4 months and the exam will not be held before 31st August 2021. Students will also be given at least one month of time after announcement of exam before it is conducted. This will make a large number of qualified doctors available for Covid duties, ”the Health Ministry said.

It was also decided to deployment of medical interns in Covid Management duties under the supervision of their faculty, as part of the Internship rotation.

The government said states can use the services of final year MBBS students for providing services like teleconsultation and monitoring of mild Covid cases after due orientation by and under the supervision of faculty.

“This will reduce the workload on existing doctors engaged in Covid duty and provide boost to efforts of triaging,” said the Center.

The services of final year PG students (broad as well as super specialities) as residents will continue to be utilized until fresh batches of PG Students have joined.

B.Sc/General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) qualified nurses can now be utilized in full-time Covid nursing duties under the supervision of senior doctors and nurses, the new orders said.

Further, it was decided that the individuals providing services in Covid management will be given priority in forthcoming regular Government recruitments after they complete a minimum of 100 days of Covid duty.

The medical students and professionals who sought to be engaged in Covid related work will be suitably vaccinated, said the government urging students to come forward.

“All health professionals thus engaged will be covered under the Insurance Scheme of Government for health workers engaged in fighting Covid 19.

All such professionals who sign up for a minimum of 100 days of Covid duty and complete it successfully will also be given the Prime Minister’s Distinguished Covid National Service Samman from the Government of India. Doctors, nurses and allied professionals form the backbone of covid management and are also the frontline personnel. Their presence in adequate strength is critical to address the needs of the patients well, ”the government said.

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