Governor of the Communications Commission: An international appreciation of the Kingdom’s experience in digital transformation التحول

Today, the Governor of the Communications and Information Technology Commission, Dr. Muhammad bin Saud Al-Tamimi visited the stc Group’s pavilion participating in the MWC 2021 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​where he met with the CEO of stc Group, Eng. Olayan bin Muhammad Al-Wateed, and the company’s participants in the exhibition.

His Excellency stressed that the Kingdom enjoys the appreciation of all international bodies, international companies, experts and specialists participating in major global technical forums, praising the interaction of the attendance of the global conference specialized in smart phone technology MWC 2021 with the Kingdom’s experience in the field of digital transformation and the contribution of the information technology sector in harnessing advanced technical solutions to manage the repercussions of Corona pandemic.

He praised the participating stc pavilion and its specialized Saudi competencies, who were able to share with the world a qualitative set of success stories of the Kingdom in the world of communications and digital technologies.

His Excellency also praised the Kingdom’s advanced programs in the path of transformation into a digital society, upgrading the services of the communications and information technology sector, and enhancing its competitiveness at the regional and global levels, which contributed to the success of the Saudi experience in harnessing technology to develop a set of advanced technical services in the field of managing the repercussions of the Corona pandemic. Social and economic, which put our experience in a position of appreciation and admiration by the international community, and ranking it first in the world in the face of the Corona crisis, according to the international indicators monitored by the National Center for Measuring the Performance of Public Institutions.

He pointed to the advanced classification that the Kingdom achieved in the “Digital Regulatory Maturity Index” for telecom regulators around the world, “level five”, after its success in building a sustainable and homogeneous regulatory framework and the shift towards cooperative regulation, to be ranked first in the Middle East and Africa, and ninth among the countries of the group. Twenty, according to the International Telecommunication Union.

stc’s participation in the exhibition includes meeting with many international companies working in the telecommunications field, as stc is an active member of the Board of Directors of the International Mobile Communications Organization (GSMA), which organizes the events of the (MWC) conference, as the first Saudi company to represent the Kingdom in the largest organization of mobile operators and manufacturers of mobile communications in the world, and stands by the 25 largest and most important telecom companies in the world.

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